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ComEC Voltage Optimisation

Nulux Energy Solutions ComEC Voltage Optimisation

ComEC Voltage Optimisation

Peter James explains the ComEC voltage optimation solution

You can save up to 18% off your energy bill today with ComEC voltage optimisation.

ComEC VSThe need to save energy is prevalent in every aspect of business and life. Voltage fluctuation and overvoltage are detrimental to your business, not just your electrical equipment but also your bottom line. ComEC voltage optimisation, regulation and control solves business’ voltage problems in a clear and definitive way, immediately saving money, meeting government standards and greening your business.

ComEC provides power optimisation and voltage regulation for the entire site. The ComEC Energy Controller is a field-proven system cutting electricity consumption in fast-food chains, restaurants, coffee shops, petrol stations and commercial buildings.

  • Providing immediate savings of up to 18%
  • No changes to your infrastructure is required
  • Compatible with all types of equipment
  • Easy to install and wall-mountable next to electric distribution board


Nulux PowerSines voltage and power optimisation and voltage regulation controllers are the leading solutions in the market today.

In recent decades electricity prices have been constantly rising and demand has been growing. In order to ensure the supply of the required voltage level to all users on the same infrastructure, and given the fact that voltage constantly fluctuates within the range of several percent due to changes in demand on the network, many facilities receive a higher voltage than they actually require. As a result, the electrical grid is inherently inefficient, and more importantly the overvoltage supplied to facilities causes over billing, wasted energy, equipment failure and shortening of equipment lifespan.

Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007 prescribes that our grid electricity supply should be 230V -6%/+10% (i.e. 216V to 253V) but most premises receive power at over 240V and sometimes over 250V. Operating your equipment on a higher voltage results in wasted energy. By simply reducing and stabilising the voltage to the optimal level you not only reduce losses and save energy, but also extend your equipment lifetime.

The ComEC voltage optimisation solution is an all-in-one energy controller that provides optimised voltage levels to all loads, as a result saving energy. The ComEC system includes programming features, built-in energy management and measurements, and protection mechanisms, including an automatic internal and manual Bypass switches.


The core of the ComEC voltage optimisation, regulation and control system is based on a proprietary topology of power transformers controlled by a microprocessor. The system provides voltage optimisation and voltage stabilisation of the supplied voltage, ensuring that only the right amount of energy required to maximise efficiency of the load is provided.


ComEC is installed after the main circuit breaker of the electric distribution board and connects to the existing electric circuits. It enables voltage stabilisation and reduction of up to 20V in steps of 2.5V.

Typical Applications:

Hotels, Department Stores, Petrol Stations, Convenient Stores, Fast-Food & Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Fitness Centers, Clinics, Hospitals, Schools, Gyms and Office Buildings with proven results of up to 18% energy savings.

How ComEC improves your equipment performance:

  • ComEC produces a pure sinusoidal waveform to the load and it suppresses harmonics and electrical distortions – improving power quality
  • Unlike multi-tap autotransformer systems that control the voltage by switching the desired tap, ComEC selects the right combination between voltage and current transformers to induce the right magnitude of negative voltage
  • The system core is composed of power transformers – ComEC is robust and reliable

ComEC Benefits:

  • Immediate energy savings of up to 18%
  • Typical ROI within 2 to 3 years
  • Quick and easy to install, wall mountable next to the electric distribution board
  • Does not require any changes to the facilities electrical infrastructure and wiring
  • Installs after the main circuit breaker on the existing electric infrastructure
  • Seamless EMS/BMS integration
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
Laboratory Test Results on ComEC
The results of performance testing of the ComEC device detailed in this report show that the device is effective in reducing the active power consumption of the test load by up to 18%. The device was also effective in reducing current THD and resulted in improvement in the lagging displacement power factor. When assessed on a load by load basis, it is seen that there is a reduction in the active power consumption for all of the load types assessed.
Australian Power Quality and Reliability Centre
University of Wollongong

ComEC Downloads

Nulux CoMEC DatasheetDatasheet on the ComEC voltage optimiser

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