Energy Saving Technologies

Nulux Energy Solutions is the exclusive Australian distributor of PowerSines’s line of Energy Saving Products. Nulux helps customers reduce their electricity consumption by using Voltage optimisation, smart motor controllers, sophisticated metering and demand management systems.

Energy Hub

PowerSines Energy Hub is a full-scale integrated system to optimise your entire work site which enables state-of-the-art electricity efficiency. It features high-level system management and visibility to your designated manager/s. The Metering system allows real-time data monitoring and diagnosis of misusage. 

The voltage optimiser reduces and regulates the supply voltage to maintain a preset output voltage. Automatic bypass circuitry is a standard feature to help ensure supply continuity in the event of unplanned interruption or voltage variations. 


The benefits of this are substantial. Connected equipment operates at maximum efficiency resulting in longer equipment life. Maintenance and electricity bills are reduced, delivering significant reduction on costs.


The SinuMEC is a smart patented motor controller used to induce consistent energy  savings. The SinuMEC reduces the supplied voltage to a partially loaded motor thus increasing its efficiency. 

The SinuMEC is a unique product that has no market competitor for what it is able to achieve. The uniqueness of the SinuMEC lies in its patented technology that provides pure sine wave output in a compact and efficient unit. It constantly monitors the motor’s current actual load and adjusts the supplied voltage accordingly.

The SinuMEC is the optimal solution for AC motors operating in constant speed applications. The operation is optimised while keeping to the same operating conditions. By reducing the voltage, the SinuMEC adjusts the full motor power to 100%, 50% or 25% of its original power rating. The SinuMEC has both industrial and commercial applications.


It is a simple installation without infrastructure change. Among other benefits of SinuMEC, especially savings on energy bottom-line costs, is the reduction of the motor’s operating temperature by up to 10°c and decrease in operating stress. These factors will improve motor lifetime and reduce downtime and maintenance costs


Nulux can bring economical voltage optimisation to small to medium enterprises and is equally suitable for use in the home. The HS-100 Home Energy Controller for Single Phase Electrical Systems installs onto the existing electrical infrastructure and provides typical energy saving of 10%-14%.

A robust system designed with smart features, it includes smart monitoring of energy consumption electric parameters and CO2 emissions figures and supplies voltage optimisation for the entire property.


As well as Smart Energy Saving, HS-100 Home Energy Controller extends electrical equipment lifespan. It will seamlessly integrate with PV and wind power systems, is quickly and simply installed and will benefit the carbon footprint in your business or home.