Nulux aims to continuously improve our clients’ ability to manage and optimise their energy needs.

Nulux will work within any industry sector or service to deliver tangible solutions and results benefiting business owners, employers, employees and end-users.

The application of our products and/or services is not limited by the size of your business or enterprise. We also offer a cost savings device for multi-residential sites or private homes.

Even if you are currently using sustainable energy, the yield of your existing solar PV installations is enhanced.

Industries Nulux can / have delivered our products and services to, include but are not limited to:

  • Commercial – fast food outlets, restaurants, petrol stations, office blocks/business centres
  • Public and Services Sectors – hospitals, municipalities, law enforcement (prisons), aged care facilities
  • Manufacturing, Industrial and Production – factory/manufacturing/processing plant, FMCG, transport, agriculture, dairy, metal, paper, plastics
  • Educational – schools, universities, training centres
  • Retail  – major shopping centres, supermarkets, convenience stores
  • Property & Leisure – hotels, multi-residential properties, cinema complexes
  • Mining – extraction and processing, mining camp/lodging
  • Government & Infrastructure – local, state and federal government, water supply, sanitation, tunnels